We provides a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate their strategic business agendas into IT initiatives and solutions that measurably improve performance. Our focus is to transform your marketing challenges into opportunities for success. Our capabilities center around empowering marketers during the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement.

Business IT

From planning and design to implementation and integration to our sourcing core Functions like network operations, we offer services to support the entire life cycle Of the network. Our solutions can help the public network and therefore a service provider’s business – operate more profitably. Our solution portfolio meets our clients Most complex challenges. Whether it’s improving customer services, protecting information assets or achieving greater levels of innovation and growth, We bring business perspective, decade of experience and practical ingenuity to every engagement.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud hosting can drastically reduce IT operating costs by simplifying, optimizing, and uniting your IT network resources. The Cloud solution is customized to the needs and size of your business, maximizing the efficiency of your company. Cloud Services can also increase the security and control to your network.

Hosted Business Solutions

INFOVIRGIN offers premium Hosted Business Solutions with the goal of renovating and shaping your communications technology. Business takes the weight off of your IT department allowing them to focus on innovative projects. Hosted Business services decrease total operating costs and enhances convenience, productivity, and efficiency.

Access Control

Access Control is one of the fastest growing areas within the security industry. One of the major reasons for this is the continued convergence of the security and Information Technology (I.T.) industries. IP Access Control uses principles from both. IP Access Control offers unlimited scalability, hardware freedom, and increased intelligence while being able to use existing network infrastructure already in place. From a single door solution to an enterprise level, multiple facility systems.

Enterprise Applications
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Enterprise Portal
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Enterprise Knowledge Portal

Maintenance of Entire Infrastructure

Ever since we were established, we have been seamlessly working with various Networking and IT Infrastructure maintenance projects, thus building long lasting relationships with all our clients. We maintain a proven track recordthrough successfully meeting the committed Service Level Agreement (SLA) and by promptly delivering the desired productivity. Our vision is to serve cost efficient and high availability solutions to people or organizations across theGlobe. By enhancing our consulting and outsourcing expertise with alliances and other capabilities, we help clients move forward in every part of their businesses, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. With deep industry experience and business process expertise, can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance.

Data Management

Infovirgin experienced engineers architect and deploy the appropriate mix of Tools including storage consolidation with SAN, NAS , Archiving, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization. Infovirgin helps customers meet these business challenges with complete, targeted solutions. We ensure business information is available and secure around the clock with a comprehensive data management offering that combines hardware, software and services. Data is your most valuable asset. Infovirgin help you realize returns from that asset by integrating the right mix of tools and skills. We help customers design, build and manage intelligent, flexible and secure data infrastructures.

Increased dependency on IT applications resulting from conversion of manual processes' to IT-enabled business applications has resulted in the proliferation of data centers. This proliferation of infrastructure coupled with growth of data has made the data center environment complex and difficult to manage. Both business management and internal IT management in organizations are thus faced with the very real challenges of ensuring the protection and availability of information when the business needs it.

Type of Data Management
  • Virtualization
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Archiving
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Storage


INFOVIRGIN is a specialist in designing, implementing network architecture, control and monitoring business centers. We provide design and implementation services to enterprise mobile, industrial, financial, government and utility companies. Our solutions include performance and trouble shooting QOS management, advanced filtering and session logging, active and passive testing, data secure to assure that business critical data and services are delivered on time and all time.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Services offers a portfolio of precision solutions to address your communications cabling and Data Centre demands. Whether you want us to manage simple moves, adds or changes, or design complete solutions and installations, our flexible approach and thorough work practices guarantee successful results. Infovirgin know that in order to meet your customer needs, you must be able to adapt quickly to their demands or market changes. Your reliance on IT is fundamental to this flexibility, and we understand that the availability of your data network and communications is paramount to your success. Our solutions will provide the flexibility you require while incorporating a robust design to ensure your time is not wasted on trying to identify faults.

Assessment services

Drawing on years of experience, our engineers will assess your current infrastructure and determine its capabilities. This information, along with discussions about your plans for IT and communications, enables us to develop a personalized strategy for your business. We aim to protect as much of your existing investment while ensuring your infrastructure will not compromise your future business plans.

Design services

By working with you to develop a clear and detailed understanding of your requirements, we will draw up a solution design incorporating all your business needs. This design will be standards compliant, ensuring you are able to embrace technologies as your needs change. We have experience in vertical and horizontal connectivity projects spanning a wide variety of industrial and commercial network cabling applications, as well as expertise in all aspects of network topologies and LAN solutions such as: CAT 6, CAT 6A (10G UTP), Intelligent Patching & Fiber Optic network design. Our design also incorporates important aspects such as cross talk, bandwidth consideration, cable conformance, calculation of transmission error rates and important details often overlooked such as fire stopping and cable management.

Infovirgin services are provided by the most experienced teams of engineers and technicians in the business. With over two decades of expertise gained in more than 2000 Structured Cabling System installations undertaking copper, fiber and OSP cabling installation and honed in our rigorous internal training program, Engineering Services staff members deliver cost-effective, total quality results. Our Cable Systems engineering professionals are highly educated and field-experienced, providing services that respond to our customer`s needs today and anticipating tomorrow's challenges. Our customers include commercial campuses and data centers, as well as a wide variety of industries such as healthcare, legal and financial sectors, contracting, education, non-profit and government organizations.

Installation services

The solution design is installed under our strict Quality/Health & Safety procedures ensuring a quality, standards compliant project delivered safely, on time and to budget.

Healthy Data Centers and Communication Rooms

A data centre can consist of a single rack through to large halls. We will ensure that your Data Centers, computer rooms or racks are fit for purpose. Our objective is to optimize the compatibility between your infrastructure and the equipment housed, be it existing or planned. Our processes will maximize business confidence in the operationof your Data Centers and minimize the risks to availability, and our Health Check process covers all relevant issues including energy efficiency and Green Audits.

Infovirgin provides complete tip-to-tip solution for those who expect more than 100 percent from their passive optical network in partnership with Principal SYSTIMAX (formerly known as AVAYA). Designed with both high performance and ease of use in mind, SYSTIMAX Solutions combines innovative products for passive network including fiber optic cables, connectors, hardware and test equipment, with award-winning technical support and engineering services. Telematics Solutions for Data Centers deliver an integrated, comprehensive set of cabling solutions focused on meeting the demanding requirements placed on the network infrastructure in the key areas of performance, availability, scalability and density.


Infovirgin designs, installs, tests & maintains Fiber Optic cabling systems, including Splicing & Termination of multimode & single mode fiber cables. Infovirgin has experience in the design and installation of single mode and multimode fiber cabling systems. We provide design and build services for OSP- underground projects, data centers and commercial buildings. We also specialize in helping new customers sort out their existing telecom closet cabling nightmares and excel at testing and labeling of existing telecom closet space. This service is an invaluable asset for new facility managers or IT managers charged with cleaning up a predecessor's existing network closet. Long term maintenance agreements are available for those IT departments looking to outsource support for their network cabling MAC work.

Splice & Test Equipment

We provides a splice and test equipment solution offering which consists of fusion splice technology for all applications, fiber optic cables for data centers, OSPs and fiber cabling for campus backbone. We can provide fusion splicing, Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR), and power loss test services

Our Fiber Optic termination and testing service is offered to corporate end users as well as other communication providers who prefer to use our skilled services rather than invest in expensive test equipment and costly engineer training, both methods of termination are offered either direct termination or fusion splicing of pre-manufactured pigtail assembles.

We offers a full range of fiber optic cabling. Our design and executionservices include:
  • Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Optic Systems
  • Horizontal Cabling Systems
  • Backbone Distribution Systems
  • Horizontal and Backbone Cabling Pathway Systems
  • Telecommunication and Equipment Rooms
  • Testing and Certification to TIA\EIA & BICSI Standards
  • Extended Warranties on installation
Security & Surveillance
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • CCTV System
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Smart Card Solution
  • Audio and Video Intercom Systems
  • Fleet Management System
  • RFID Solutions

IP Telephony

IP Telephony ( Internet Protocol Telephony ) is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol ‘s Packet-switched connections to exchange Voice and Fax.

  • IP Telephone
  • IP PBX System
  • IP Surveillances
  • IP Video
  • IP Wireless

Business Communication Systems

  • Installation of Modems, ONTS and other network Terminators
  • Installation of Router and Switches
  • Installation of Data Leased Circuits
  • Installation of Enterprise Voice services


  • Integration of Telecom network with customer network
  • LAN and WAN installation

Voice Over IP

Voice over IP services offered business models that mirrored the architecture of the legacy telephone network. VoIP systems employ session control protocols to control the set-up and tear-down of calls as well as audio codecs which encode speech allowing transmission over an IP network as digital audio via an audio stream.

  • Enhance Your Communication
  • Migrating to Flexible and Secure Communications
  • Creating an Effective Approach for Unified Collaboration


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